• Que 1 : Is DoconTouch a free application or one needs to pay while availing?
    Ans : DoconTouch is free of cost application that can be downloaded for free to connect with a doctor.

  • Que 2 : How a user can find out a doctor through this application?
    Ans :A user can find out the required doctor through the search options given in the Home on the basis of symptoms of the disease, specialty, area, city, doctor name, and hospital’s name.
  • Que 3 : I have noticed that the most popular doctor in my area is not available on the application. How do I get him?
    Ans : Let our support team know about this. We will request him to register with DoconTouch.
  • Que 4 : How does DoconTouch help you contacting a doctor directly?
    Ans : DoconTouch helps you contacting a doctor directly through its search and call options. You can search for a doctor according to symptoms, specialty, area, hospital, and doctor’s name.
  • Que 5 : Can I check my blood sugar level, pressure, and weight on a daily basis through this application?
    Ans : You cannot check, but you can maintain a record of your blood sugar level, pressure, and weight whenever you check for further reference.
  • Que 6 : Being a doctor I practice in multiple clinics. Can I show them all?
    Ans : Yes. Doctor can add more than one clinic in his profile, if he has multiple clinics, all will be displayed in his profile.
  • Que 7 : Can I share my health reports with doctors with the help of your application?
    Ans : Yes. However, you need to confirm if the doctor is registered with DoconTouch or not and inform the doctor through a call or message that you have shared your health record.
  • Que 8 : I am keen to advertise my profile as a doctor on DoconTouch. Will you let me know how to proceed?
    Ans : To advertize your profile as a Doctor on DoconTouch, you have to register on following the link for free. For showing more details of you, you should go for our premium category. We have seven categories for registering doctor, in that standard category is free, and other 6 categories are paid.