• Doctor can register their basic details on the website which will be displayed in application search result once the account has been activated.
  • Once the account has been activated from the company’s side, doctor will receive user id and password through mail and SMS.
  • Update Profile of Doctor

  • After getting the password and User Id through mail and SMS, the doctor can log in to his account.
  • The doctor can update his profile as per the search option.
    The doctor has to save changes that he made.
  • DoconTouch allows each user to maintain record of blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight in this application.
  • To maintain these record first go to ‘My Health record’, click on My Health Record. Then the user will be able to see blood sugar level, blood pressure, and weight level.
  • To record blood sugar level, click on the icon, then there will be shown a table including date, fasting, past prandial, random, and comment. The individual has to fill that fields and submit those records accordingly.
  • Whenever the individual wants to see the reports, he/she can click on Reports and all reports with date and time will be displayed.
  • The individual can share this report with his/her doctor. For this, he has to click on Share with Doctor. Then a window will open with search options to select doctor and the user can share.
    Same can be done with blood pressures and weight records.
  • How to use Application for Doctor

  • How to use Application for Patient

  • How to use Application for Doctor