How to Use : For User

DoconTouch has been developed keeping in mind the profuse requirements of wellbeing of the masses. It is the apt application that can be retrieved from the net for free of cost. Working as the fast connecting mediator between doctor and patients, DoconTouch gives you reason to relax and be happy. With this fast app you can search for the best doctor according to your diseases and preferences. Apart from relating with the health practitioner, DoconTouch is manufactured with advanced technology to impart you enough health facilities with enabling you to keep a track record of your sugar, blood pressure, and weight level. Let’s take a look how to use this swift app as a common user.

Search for Doctor

  • A patient can search for the doctor according to area, symptoms, specialty, city, name of doctor, and hospital’s name.
    User has to choose search choice
  • After choosing the search choice, the user has to click on find doctor.
    Thus mobile application will display list of doctor
  • If the user has mentioned about any medi-claim insurance detail in profile, then he can connect with a doctor free of cost.
  • While the user clicks on doctor, then information of clicked doctor will be displayed.
  • If the user wants appointment of the same doctor, he/she can click at phone mark to take an appointment.
  • The user can share information about doctors. For this he/she has to click on share button. Immediately the application displays options through which the user can share valuable information about doctors.

Profile of Patient:

  • The patient has to enter his personal details before searching for a doctor. He/she has to enter personal details like name, address, and email id, name of mediclaim insurance company, policy number, and policy expiry date.
  • Once the user fills insurance details, he will get notification regarding insurance renewal. Also will get concern doctors list with indicating which doctor having cashless facility.
  • How to use Application For User

My Health Records

  • DoconTouch allows each user to maintain record of blood sugar, blood pressure, and weight in this application.
  • To maintain these record first go to ‘My Health record’, click on My Health Record. Then the user will be able to see blood sugar level, blood pressure, and weight level.
  • To record blood sugar level, click on the icon, then there will be shown a table including date, fasting, past prandial, random, and comment. The individual has to fill that fields and submit those records accordingly.
  • Whenever the individual wants to see the reports, he/she can click on Reports and all reports with date and time will be displayed.
  • The individual can share this report with his/her doctor. For this, he has to click on Share with Doctor. Then a window will open with search options to select doctor and the user can share.
  • Same can be done with blood pressures and weight records.

These steps indicate how to use DoconTouch with an ease. This efficient mobile application has made better connectivity between doctor and patient. Gone are the days when people remained worried how to get an appointment of the best doctor. With the fast mobile application DoconTouch, searching a doctor according to your symptoms or area has now become the matter of few clicks on the fingertips.